Damage to your clothes

Many times it happens to us that we postpone some tasks of the handle for lack of time, and one of those typical things that we usually postpone, even for a few days, is to wash and hang clothes. We always gather a lot and when we can not even jump the battery, there we can think of putting everything in the washing machine.

It can also happen to us that bad weather does not help at all, and in those cases, or we do not wash anything, or we do it and that is where the journeys begin to dry the clothes. But everything has a solution gentlemen, and if the rain does not go away, there is nothing to worry about.

On this occasion we give you some very simple tips so you can speed up the drying times of the garments, and thus, be able to have your clothes ready to use as soon as possible.

1. If you need to dry a garment urgently, put it in a plastic bag. Take it to the freezer. The next day it will be dry and wrinkle free.

2. With clothespins, hang items well apart from each other to speed up the drying process.

3. If you have very large sheets or clothes, hold them with tweezers forming airbags that will facilitate drying.

4. If you want to avoid stains on the pins on your shirts, use an old half evening to hang your clothes. Insert it by the neck and take out each of the legs by the sleeves of the shirt, in order to fasten the half evening to the clothesline and not the shirt.

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